Photo 1: Gone But Not Forgotten
Ann Remington, sister of CWZ Scott Saboe, honored her brother and 32 other Clark County natives killed in action by placing a wreath during the Willow Lake Veterans Memorial.

Photo 2: Rodeo Talent
This shot from a local rodeo illustrates the intensity and talent the riders possess.

Photo 3: The Parade
Ken Bell, a local artist, likes to make people think as he creates one piece of art on the prairie after another just west of Clark. Eight Ford LTD's with identical red and white paint jobs are titled "The Parade."

Photo 4: Winter Golf
A mild, snow-free winter day allows local golf enthusiasts to hit the course for a rare tee off.

Photo 5: Little Fellow Mural
The Little Fellow Mural at Olson's Motor Co. was done by Raymond artist Joan Putman.  The local Rotary Club does Memorial Day services annually for the Little Fellow and sponsored this mural.

Photo 6: Threshing Bee
How grain was harvested in a by-gone era is always of interest. Threshing Bees have been held just east of Clark in recent years.